Heinz Classic Squeeze tabletop condiments keeps front-of-house costs in line and reduces environmental impact.

According to a Datassential Consumer Preference Survey, given a choice in ketchup, people prefer Heinz Ketchup more than five to one versus any other brand. Heinz Classic Squeeze Ketchup is the lowest-cost Heinz tabletop option available, allowing operators to satisfy guests and their bottom line. The 100 percent recyclable plastic bottle contains 75 percent less plastic in its lightweight cap. This leads to a 31 percent net weight reduction and lower transportation costs.

Ketchup pairs perfectly with mustard—making it easy to keep guests happy by providing both condiments as a tabletop combo. Heinz Classic Squeeze Ketchup is complemented by the Heinz Classic Squeeze Mustard varieties, including Yellow, Spicy Brown, and Dijon.

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