Hellometer Teams with Intel to Elevate Fast-Food Experience

    Industry News | January 30, 2023

    Whether you call them fast food or quick service restaurants, speed is literally in their name. Despite this, historically, the tools operators have had to actually measure and improve guest service speed are incomplete and inaccurate. In the dining room, restaurateurs have had no idea where and when slow service is causing poor guest outcomes, and that’s a problem because it costs them revenue. If it takes a guest 15 minutes to get their burger and they leave a bad review, the operator is actually lucky because at least then they know and can do something about it. Most guests won’t leave a review, though. They just won’t come back. In the drive thru it’s even worse; guests see long lines and just drive on past; they can get it at the next place.

    This is where Hellometer comes in. Our service replaces legacy vehicle loop timer technology and helps operators grow revenue using cameras to measure and improve guest service speeds. Cameras in restaurants measure each guest’s experience from the moment they walk in (or drive up) through to order completion. Now, instead of waiting for bad reviews or operating blind, restaurateurs know exactly where and when they are losing revenue due to slow service Managers can quickly diagnose the root causes behind bottlenecks and slow downs so they can address them. They can see, for instance, that one location has issues with taking orders and can then coach staff that aren’t sticking to the script. They may see that another location struggles with food prep, so they need to retrain their staff.

    To accomplish this, Hellometer has partnered with Intel, which allows us to offer restaurateurs a compact form factor (important in cramped kitchens) that delivers performance without the need of a separate graphics processor. In preparation for the launch of Intel’s new 13th gen Intel Core i7 processors, Hellometer is actively developing onto these next gen chips and is so far reporting nearly a 7% increase (30.72 FPS in 12th Gen à 32.80 FPS in 13th Gen) in inference speed.

    Cost effective, easy to adopt and high impact, The Hellometer enables restaurant operators to improve service speed by 47s on average. According to the operations research, for every 7 seconds stores can improve service speed, they see about a 1% increase in top-line revenue. The average quick service restaurant sees about $1.9M in revenue a year so that 47s improvement from Hellometer will mean about $130k in added revenue per location.

    Already, over 20 of the world’s best service brands use and trust Hellometer today.


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