Hellometer has just been announced as the winner of RTN’s Startup Alley competition at MURTEC. 

Hellometer is the world’s first AI timer for quick-service restaurants. Their computer vision technology helps restaurants grow drive-thru and dining room revenue, using cameras to monitor and report on each guest’s experience. Hellometer is the world’s most complete drive-thru timer, the only dining room timer, and surveillance; all for what you’re already spending on security.

Start-Up Alley is the marquee new technology event at MURTEC, Restaurant Technology Networks’s annual conference. The judges — including Phil Crawford ( CTO, CKE), Astrid Isaacs (CTO, Bloomin’ Brands), and Tom Seeker (CIO, Earl Enterprises) — determined the top five tech solutions that then competed in a Shark-Tank style main-stage session on March 8.

  1. Team: Hellometer has been in business for 3 years and is a Y Combinator backed company. Alex, CEO, is a Yale MBA who previously led privacy engineering efforts at Google. Alberto, CTO, was previously with Ford’s Autonomous Vehicles Research group where he worked on computer vision AI.
  2. Traction: We are currently under contract or LOI for over 400 locations worldwide including Hardees, Dairy Queen, Dunkin’, Subway, and Church’s Chicken restaurants.

How to get in touch: Restaurant owners can begin a two-month trial by visiting: https://hellometer.io/

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