Industry News | November 10, 2017 | QSR Exclusive Brief

Help QSR Find the Top Fast Casuals Under 40 Units!

Ellen Chen and Mario Del Pero of Mendocino Farms were among the leaders in fast casual 2.0 featured in the inaugural QSR 40/40 List. QSR
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This year, QSR released its first-ever 40/40 List, naming the 40 most exciting fast-casual 2.0 concepts with fewer than 40 locations. The 40/40 was a smash success, as we got a wave of industry feedback on those concepts that did—but especially those that didn't—make the list.

We're getting ready to research next year's list, and your feedback was loud and clear. This year, we want your help!

We're opening up the 2018 40/40 List to reader submissions to make sure we don't miss any brand worthy of the honor. To qualify, brands should embody most of the below characteristics that we've identified as setting fast casual 2.0 concepts apart from fast casual's first wave. 


·      Chef-driven menus and/or signature menu items;

·      Premium hospitality;

·      A focus on experience rather than value;

·      Enhanced beverage programs; 

·      High-quality and/or local, healthy ingredients;

·      Ambitions other than growth and profit;

·      Cornerstones in the community;

·      Entreprenurial and innovative;

·      Invest in long-term relationships with stakeholders.


Think you know which brand might be a perfect fit? Click here to submit a brand for consideration in the 2018 40/40 List. Submissions are due by November 10, 2017.