Hi Auto and HME Hospitality and Specialty Communications will feature live demonstrations of HME’s NEXEO Pro communication platform integrated with Hi Auto’s drive-thru voice AI solution at the forthcoming FSTEC  conference in Dallas, TX, September 13–15, 2023. HME is the global leader in restaurant  communication solutions with more drive-thru system installations, across 140 countries, than all  other manufacturers combined, and Hi Auto is the world’s leading supplier of multi-lingual  drive-thru voice AI ordering solutions in more than 20 states and over 375 locations in the U.S.  alone.  

The live demonstration at FSTEC 2023, booth 539, will include a discussion on the technologies  behind NEXEO Pro’s Hi Auto integration, as well as the business benefits to QSRs of the  combined solutions. FSTEC attendees will have the opportunity to interact with the new NEXEO  Pro integrated with Hi Auto, where they will experience ordering by voice AI as though in a real  drive-thru.  

HME partnered with Hi Auto for their streaming solution given their significant footprint and AI  expertise. In order to handle a voice AI conversation well, the entire stack must work perfectly  without any data loss or delay. Together the collaborating development teams built an integration  standard that provides quick and seamless activation of drive-thru voice AI. As a leader in voice  AI for drive thru, Hi Auto worked closely with HME to ensure the standard works well for all  voice AI solutions so it can be effective in serving the voice AI industry in the years to come.  

Commenting on HME’s NEXEO Pro collaboration, Hi Auto’s CEO and Co-Founder Roy  Baharav says, “The integration of Hi Auto and NEXEO Pro is a natural fit – both companies are  in business to help restaurants give their customers the best possible ordering experience, and to  increase restaurant performance and profitability. Our deep experience with the voice-streaming  stack allowed us to contribute to creating the NEXEO Pro integration standard as yet another  proof-point that Hi Auto provides its customers with complete and mature drive-thru voice AI  solutions.” 

HME’s NEXEO Pro is the first and only restaurant communications solution on the market  purpose-built to integrate seamlessly with drive-thru voice AI ordering solutions. NEXEO Pro  delivers unmatched end-to-end digital audio, eliminating the need for an audio box or other  conversions. NEXEO Pro’s advanced telemetry, which continuously monitors the  interconnection with Hi Auto’s voice AI software ensures peak performance. With this integration, drive-thru restaurants can confidently adopt and provide the best voice AI ordering  experience on the market for both customers and restaurant staff alike. 

“Choosing to partner with Hi Auto was obvious,” says Scott Mullica, Senior Director of Product  Management and Innovation for HME Hospitality & Specialty Communications. “Their voice AI  expertise proved invaluable for a seamless integration, and together we’re delivering on our  shared commitment to providing restaurant guests with a world-class experience.” 

Hi Auto is one of the first to deploy drive-thru voice AI to scale, the first to introduce Spanish  language AI, and now one of the first to be integrated with NEXEO Pro. To view the live  demonstration, please visit Hi Auto at Booth 539.