HME Hospitality & Specialty Communications, a leading provider of innovative technology in the quick service restaurant industry, is proud to announce that the HME CLOUD enterprise management system has connected to HME devices in over 10,000 restaurants worldwide. Since its launch, HME CLOUD has rapidly built its global customer base across the quick-service industry by integrating HME products.

“HME CLOUD provides owners and operators an above-store view of all their restaurants so that they can monitor their success and take action when needed,” says Paul Foley, President of HME Hospitality and Specialty Communications. “By unifying all our products, HME CLOUD offers the unmatched convenience of managing multiple drive-thru operations from one central location.”

HME CLOUD is a component of HME’s Drive-Thru Optimization System that provides realtime multi-store performance dashboards, historical reports, and remote access to all restaurants.

In addition, HME CLOUD links restaurants together and ranks their performance on an in-store display, called Drive-Thru Leaderboard, to create a multi-store competition that motivates employees.

“We are committed to being in the forefront of technology in our industry and reaching 10,000 restaurants in the HME CLOUD shows it,” adds Foley. “Cloud integration is the future of [quick-service restaurant] technologies and the foundation for future HME products.”

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