HME Hospitality and Specialty Communications announced the launch of the quick-service industry’s first mobile app, HME Now, designed to help operators and managers improve speed of service issues in real time. The HME Now app provides access to vital drive-thru analytics and allows for customizable alerts that notify users when there is an increase in service times and car counts. Powered by the HME Drive-Thru Optimization System (DTOS), the HME Now app makes it easy for store operators to monitor performance from the convenience of their mobile phones.

DTOS tracks valuable data on drive-thru performance, such as speed of service, number of transactions, and more, and syncs this data to the cloud. The app compiles this data and allows users to view it on their phones and receive customized alerts that are triggered by specific drive-thru events in real time. When a user sets an alert on HME Now, they receive a notification if the average time is longer than their selected timeframe. If an operator wants to track multiple stores, they can easily set up alerts for any store and for any daypart. Additionally, the app’s individualized settings let users choose the frequency of alerts that best suits their operational goals.

“Customizable performance alerts enable [quick-service] operators to run their business with greater operational efficiency,” says Paul Foley, president of HME Hospitality and Specialty Communications, “The HME Now app provides actionable insight that helps operators intently monitor the drive-thru to achieve speed of service goals.”

Owners and operators can reward outstanding performance when car counts beat user-specific thresholds. When a store reaches a new car count record, for example, operators immediately receive a notification.

“Perhaps you have a store that is trying to set a new car count record for the lunch daypart,” Foley says. “You can set an alert for that store so you’ll get a notification as soon as they reach their goal. This gives you the opportunity to reward your team right away instead of learning about their achievement from a report and congratulating them later.”

HME Now allows for multiple users per HME CLOUD account and each user can personalize their alert preferences. For example, an operator and a store manager can set up separate alerts without affecting each other’s app settings. Personalized alerts enable users to pinpoint events that are crucial to them for improving performance. To benefit from drive-thru analytics on the go and improve quick-service operational efficiency, HME Now is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

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