HME Hospitality and Specialty Communications announced the launch of an online training portal for HME drive-thru headsets and drive-thru optimization systems. The HME Training Portal provides customers with unlimited access to videos, quick reference guides, and pre-recorded webinars.

“Our training portal is specifically designed to address the unique product training needs of quick service restaurant operators, managers, and crew members,” says Paul Foley, president of HME Hospitality and Specialty Communications.

HME training materials range from product overviews and quick reference guides for basic operation to advanced system configurations for continuous improvement. Training videos, with run times under five minutes each, are strategically produced to cater to the adult learner and broken down by training topic. For example, training for the HME Drive-Thru Optimization System (DTOS) starts with a brief product overview, including an explanation of each system component—the ZOOM drive-thru timer, Drive-Thru Leaderboard, and HME CLOUD. Higher level DTOS training offers step-bystep video instructions for administrative and advanced configurations, like Acting on HME CLOUD Information and Customizing Drive-Thru Leaderboard.

“The HME Training Portal makes product training easily accessible for all our customers,” says Foley. “Online training will enable everyone using DTOS and EOS | HD to get the most out of their systems, resulting in improved employee productivity and higher operational success.” To access all training videos and guides, customers log in using their HME CLOUD credentials. Users without an HME CLOUD account can sign up for a free 30-day trial to temporarily unlock all training materials. DTOS training materials are currently available in English, French, and Spanish.

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