Today’s restaurant customers don’t want to wait in line. To address the industry’s need for speed, HM Electronics Inc. (HME) introduces the new ION IQ NDT, an innovative internal communication system specifically designed to move restaurant lines faster and reduce the wait time for customers. 

A technological advancement over two-way radios, the ION IQ NDT creates a smoother, more efficient internal communication process that speeds up service, improves sales, and enhances the customer experience.
“When in-store lines get long, restaurants lose business,” says Daren Haas, VP of marketing and new business development at HME. “The ION IQ NDT acts as a ‘line-buster,’ allowing restaurant employees to take orders from customers anywhere in line for faster and more efficient service.”
Using multiple channel technology, the ION IQ NDT allows restaurant staff to simultaneously hold separate conversations among team members. This “split kitchen” concept enables employees to take and process several orders at the same time for faster service and increased profitability. The system’s state-of-the-art features include superior sound quality, hands-free operation, and a groundbreaking message center that can deliver important reminders and alerts. Employees can also use the optional telephone interface to answer phone calls through their headsets.
“Restaurants depend on fast, private, and secure internal communications to serve their patrons in a timely manner and improve employee productivity,” says Haas. “The ION IQ NDT is the latest in our line of innovative products designed to help our customers operate at maximum efficiency.”
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