Hoffmaster, a leading manufacturer of premium foodservice single-use tableware, launches Earthwise Wood Cutlery Dispenser System and Earthwise Compostable Plant-Based Straws. 

Developed in response to growing single-use plastic bans and our dedication to developing sustainable alternatives, the Earthwise Wood Cutlery Dispenser System combines the need for convenient, hygienic dispensing with renewable, compostable cutlery. 

The sleek, modern dispenser streamlines operations with its easy-to-load refill packs. Reliable dispensing also helps reduce waste and ensures patrons only take what they need.

  • Composter-accepted wood cutlery (CMA).
  • Cutlery is housed in an enclosed dispenser ensuring the patron only touches the utensil(s) they plan to use.
  • The dispensing unit is simple to refill and maintain, allowing for productive, efficient operations.


With Earthwise Compostable Plant-Based Straws, operators no longer have to compromise performance for sustainability. Earthwise straws feel and perform like traditional plastic but are made using plant-based starches that fully compost in months. Earthwise straws are certified-BPI industrial compostable and are pending TUV home compostable certification.

  • Flexible yet durable
  • Crack resistant
  • Comfortable mouthfeel 
  • Made in the USA


“Our Earthwise Straws and Wood Cutlery Dispenser System continue our commitment to providing the industry renewable, eco-friendly alternatives to plastic disposable service items,” says Andy Romjue, President of Hoffmaster. “We strive to continually develop sustainable options for the single-use products that this industry must rely upon to serve their customers.”