The Honey Baked Ham Company, the iconic name known for premium hams and delectable feasts, recently announced its latest signed agreement with esteemed operating group Glazed Animals LLC to bring a new location to Clarksville. This signed agreement included the purchase of an existing location in Cleveland, TN as well.

Glazed Animals LLC is comprised of Kenneth Taylor Jr, Jason Mills, David Millington, Montanna Arterson and John Cameron Day, five entrepreneurs and long-time friends and family who bring a variety of professional experiences to their operations with Honey Baked Ham. Being loyal customers for over two decades, the group was extremely familiar with the product as well as the impressive following the brand has built upon and knew they wanted to become a part of it. The group is eager to utilize the skills taken from their diverse careers and fuse them into this latest venture.

“Being long-time customers, we immediately knew we wanted to be a part of the brand when the opportunity presented itself,” says Ken Taylor. “After being loyal customers for more than 28 years, we felt strongly that we wanted to convey our confidence in the brand and support its development. After having great conversations with fellow owners and corporate team members, we knew we had made the right decision. As we push into new areas of the industry, we are looking to make waves and are eager to opening our locations soon.”

Driven by a commitment to providing exceptional products and cherished experiences, Honey Baked Ham has become a household name with a loyal customer base. Through the hand-crafted ham, turkey, and sides, Honey Baked Ham has cemented itself as the industry-leading forerunner for delectable feasts, celebrations and everyday enjoyment.

“Ken and his team bring a wealth of knowledge to this ownership venture, and we look forward to supporting them as they expand the HoneyBaked brand into new communities,” says Scott Temme, Director of Franchise Development at Honey Baked Ham. “This is an exciting opportunity as we continue to grow across the nation, and this esteemed group fully embodies what the brand stands for. I’m excited to watch their progress and see the relationships they build within their markets.”

In addition to the legendary ham, Honey Baked Ham takes pride in presenting freshly made turkey breasts, as well as sides, deserts and an array of complete meals that have become a symbol of shared celebrations and cherished family moments. The concept features multiple revenue streams for operators highlighting the diverse products offered between lunch and dinner. 

Honey Baked Ham is actively seeking passionate entrepreneurs to join its thriving franchise network. The brand encourages scalability, long-term growth, and active community involvement in its franchisee candidates. By capitalizing on its unrivaled products, proven business model, and comprehensive support system, Honey Baked Ham is set to energize the franchise industry while ensuring a glazing path to success.

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