Honey Dew Donuts, New England’s local flavor, is excited to announce the collaboration with energy drink pioneer, Red Bull, with new refreshing fruit smoothies to enjoy this summer.

A perfect combination of Red Bull with a Honey Dew strawberry or lemonade flavored smoothie, these drinks are made to order and served in a 24-ounce size. Smoothies without Red Bull will remain on the menu, along with a variety of other flavors including Chillerchino and Frozen Mocha Madness. 

A fairly new drink concept in the quick-service coffee industry, Honey Dew Donuts is one of the very few in the New England area to offer a high energy frozen drink.

“We like to give our customers a variety, so we wanted to include a cool refreshment that has an energy boost as part of our menu,” says Richard Bowen, president of Honey Dew Associates, Inc. “Red Bull is the leader in energy drinks and a reputable, worldwide name. We look forward to our customers enjoying this new summer beverage!”

Red Bull smoothies will be available starting the week of May 14, 2012, for a limited time only. Prices will at vary at each location.

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