Hoopla! Frozen Yogurt will be opening the doors to its 10th location at 130 Route 303 in West Nyack, New York. Since the opening of its first location in Binghamton, New York, last July, Hoopla has grown to nine locations across the state. While some contend fro-yo concepts are perhaps saturating the marketplace, Hoopla! has carved out a formula that attracts and sustains sales throughout the year.

“From the minute you walk in you’ll know that Hoopla! is different,” says Larry Wilson, creator of Hoopla! “We value community, family, and healthier options for children and adults above all else, and it shows in our stores and in our desserts. We spare no expense in the build out of our stores to make it the nicest environment for families and individuals of all shapes and sizes to relax and enjoy a treat. We have a lot of tweens and teenagers that come to our other stores as a safe and fun place to hang out with their friends. We are thrilled to bring Hoopla! to West Nyack and look forward to being involved in and giving back to the local community. We don’t just open stores in new areas; we actually get involved in the community; hire local employees; make friends and relationships; and help out local schools, organizations, and charities in need. We invite those who are looking to raise funds for their charity or nonprofit organization to contact us so we can enroll them in our fundraising program. It has proven to be a valuable resource to many organizations in need from the other communities we serve.”

Hoopla! Frozen Yogurt provides fresh ingredients and high-quality dairy treats. Because it’s frozen yogurt, Hoopla! offers treats to hit the sweet spot with a fraction of the fat and calories of ice cream. It’s also gluten-free, kosher, and doesn’t contain tree nuts or peanuts. In addition to investing and buying locally, as well as creating local jobs, Hoopla! has pledged to raise monies of significance for local charities and organizations through fundraising events at all locations.

“Because of the jobs we are creating, the work we do in the community, and the high quality of our product, the communities we have been fortunate to open in have embraced us with open arms,” Wilson says. “Our stores often have lines out the door, even in the winter. Our social media presence and activity at all locations are very high and customers enjoy connecting with us, sharing their photos, entering to win contests, requesting additional toppings and flavors, etc. With the warm welcome and success our stores are achieving, we will continue to open Hoopla! locations throughout the Northeast. There are a lot of areas we are not yet in, and we encourage anyone who is in one of these underserved areas to contact us so we can explore opening a Hoopla! to serve their community. Our challenge is not in opening and creating successful new stores; it is finding all of the many great locations throughout the Northeast that we can put a Hoopla! We welcome any and all developers, property owners, and realtors to contact us with any locations throughout the Northeast that are looking for a good company to occupy.”


Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru, Desserts, Growth, News, Hoopla! Frozen Yogurt