HOSPECO, a leading manufacturer of products for cleaning and protecting facilities and people, is pleased to introduce their new, proprietary Evogen No-Touch (NT) Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser, the first and only hands-free toilet seat cover system.

People overwhelmingly prefer to minimize physical contact with items in a public bathroom that could potentially transfer germs, especially in and around the toilet itself. Many advancements in bathroom design and technology have fostered the development of products to help allay those concerns, from hands-free sink faucets and soap dispensers to no-touch hand dryers. Although toilet seat covers are an additional level of protection, the manual pull dispensers themselves can potentially be a place for germs to thrive, as people must touch the dispenser with their hands to remove a cover. And because manual pull systems are open systems, there are plenty of hard to clean and sanitize places where dust and germs can accumulate.

HOSPECO’s new patent-pending Evogen NT Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser includes an integral sensor system that dispenses the seat covers one at a time with a simple wave of the hand, ready to use, with no tabs to tear. With no tabs to tear, there is less noise, less waste, and increased ease of use resulting in less mess in the restroom—a time saver for maintenance staff.

The wave-of-the-hand single dispensing option reduces waste and the covered and contained system prevents malicious use and potential clogging of the toilet. Evogen NT seat covers are made of completely flushable paper, which is both stronger and thicker than other toilet seat covers, providing a superior sanitary barrier while remaining completely safe for septic systems.

The integral sensor indicates when the dispenser is empty, alerting maintenance staff to refill.

The no-touch advantage delivers an upscale feel and conveys the message that the provider cares about guests using their facilities.

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