Co-founder Ray Wiley is back in the driver’s seat as president and CEO of Hot Head Burritos. Earlier this month Wiley bought out his partners and plans to supercharge the 71 unit chain’s growth nationally.  While the chain already has stores operating or under construction in eight states, franchisee interest has already quadrupled with the news of Wiley retaking the reins.

“I am focused on helping Hot Head Burritos achieve its fullest potential as a brand. Previously we had opened as many as 22 stores in one year and with the support of my team we can easily exceed that number in 2018,” says Wiley. As of today the brand has seven stores under construction, five stores in development and a number of existing franchisees looking for additional locations. To get there, Wiley plans to refocus on streamlining operations, controlling expenses, utilizing the brands size for buying power, and to offer the best products for both our customers and franchisees. Born in Wichita, Kansas Wiley was raised around the restaurant industry with his father being a practiced restaurant operator in his own right.  Wiley, now a 30 year seasoned restaurant veteran and Franchisor with both Hot Head Burritos and Rapid Fired Pizza under his wing, he has only one goal—expansion.

For Hot Head Burritos, online ordering via their Burrito Button and conversion to the Brink POS system are initiatives that have been already put into place.  Investment costs across the fast casual restaurant market vary greatly, but Hot Head Burritos has positioned themselves to be very competitive with a low initial investment in the $300,000 to $350,000 range, supported by solid net sales.  Real estate location requirements are small which equates to lower buildout cost, an efficient operation, and lower labor costs.

The chain was founded in 2007 and franchising began in 2010. As some of the earliest stores are now 10 years old, they are being updated to the brand’s new, sleek, modern design.  Warm woods and colors are replacing the original black, white and red decor.

Hot Head Burritos offers burritos and a bowl in multiple sizes in addition to nachos, tacos, salads, and quesadillas plus 8 custom sauces guaranteed to please. With 70 percent of consumers craving spicy foods, Hot Head Burritos is positioned to satisfy this ever-expanding market segment. Area Developer and Franchise opportunities are now available Nationwide.

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