Industry News | December 14, 2010

Houston D-Lite: Dessert Chain Spreads Gift Card Cheer

This year, Tasti D-Lite, a frozen dessert chain, decided that residents in Houston have been especially good. As a reward, they are hiding more than $1,000 in Tasti D-Lite gift cards for the best girls and boys in a city-wide scavenger hunt called Tasti D-Lite's "All I Hunt for Christmas."

Houstonians will receive two clues every day for 10 days starting December 14—one for each of the 20 "Sweet Spots" (gift card hiding locations). Upon using their clever wit and holiday spirit to decipher the clues, participants may go to the location at any time to search for the prizes. Each of the gift cards will be worth $50 in healthy Tasti D-Lite treats and will be found in bright pink envelopes. Then, on Christmas Eve, one final clue will be released for a bonus gift card of an undisclosed amount.

Participants will find announced clues exclusively via Tasti D-Lite Facebook, Twitter, and blog sites.

"We are so lucky to be a part of the wonderful Houston community, and there's no better time to give back than the holidays," says Aaron Webster, owner of Houston-area Tasti D-Lite franchises. "Tasti D-Lite's 'All I Hunt for Christmas' game is a fun way to get everyone involved, and of course, there's a pretty sweet reward at the end."

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