How Do You Roll?, the custom sushi shop, recently signed two agreements to further develop the How Do You Roll? brand in both Arizona and Florida.

Under the direction of Shane and Sheri Sender, HDYR AZ Development, LLC intends to develop the entire state of Arizona with 85 units during the next 20 years. Between the two, they have 45 years of franchising experience and currently own the How Do You Roll? in Phoenix.

“I believe in the brand and concept,” Shane Sender says. “I think How Do You Roll? is the future and how people are going to want to eat. It’s healthy and fresh, and people love sushi. I see it being a staple—it’ll be what people do.”

David Tennyson will lead N FL How Do You Roll Development, Inc. to develop the Northern Florida area with 40 units within the next 20 years. Tennyson has more than 20 years of franchising experience. He owns the How Do You Roll? in Jacksonville, and another franchise group, PEMCO Food Group, will open a location in Gainesville this summer.

“Ultimately, I wanted to develop How Do You Roll? in Florida for the same reasons I opened a franchise myself,” Tennyson says. “It’s a fresh concept and I believe in it.”

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