Industry News | February 8, 2011

How to Lose Weight the ‘Tasti’ Way

Tasti D-Lite is challenging its loyal fan base to lose weight—the fun way. The 2011 Houston Weight Loss Challenge kicked off January 10 with 20 individuals, including a married couple, determined to shed more weight than their competitors.

Contestants agreed to substitute one meal per day with a Tasti D-Lite Fruit 'n' Granola Parfait, Tasti D-Lite smoothie, or Tasti D-Lite shake for six weeks. The cost of the daily Tasti D-Lite meal is covered by the store.

Weight is tracked and recorded weekly until the contest ends February 21. The person with the greatest net loss (based on body mass percentage) will win $2,011 in honor of the New Year.

In last year's Tasti D-Lite weight-loss contest, two of the 20 players lost more than 40 pounds while the average weight loss was about 15 pounds. This year, Tasti D-Lite expects even greater success. 

"Tasti D-Lite desserts are a low-calorie meal replacement option packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and tons of flavor, so it hardly feels like a diet," says Tasti D-Lite franchise owner Aaron Webster. "We were impressed with the results last year, but we think our 2011 contestants can up the ante—and enjoy themselves, too."

In just the first two weeks, three of the 20 weight loss contestants have dropped at least 15 pounds. Robert Burney, a 48-year-old programmer, has lost 19.

Results each week can be followed online through the Tasti D-Lite blog at

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