The Howard Company Inc., one of the industry leaders in innovative menu board design and products, has partnered with Wentworth Technology to provide drive-thru lane headset communication systems as part of Howard’s one-stop-shop drive-thru product line for the quick-service restaurant industry. Wentworth Technology’s SpeedThru headset design is setting the new standard for drive-thru communication systems and is a natural fit with Howard’s drive-thru menu boards.

Wentworth’s proven track record in providing top of the line headset systems at a competitive price point placed them above the competition. Wentworth spent almost two years of end user research to develop a system that features engineered durability, reliability, and noise-cancelling software at a cost effective ROI. Its SpeedThru system’s technology solves the four main sound issues experienced in most drive-thru communication systems: background noise, echo, system noise, and artificial sounding voices. It offers an intuitive and functional process allowing users to quickly focus on serving the drive-thru lane customer rather than struggling through a learning routine. From the lightweight headsets to the touch screen interface base station, the Wentworth SpeedThru system is designed to be rugged and reliable in the toughest quick-service restaurant environment. Including the SpeedThru system in Howard’s drive-thru product array enables Howard customers to order a high quality communications system when purchasing their drive-thru equipment, negating the hassle of an additional product search.

“Establishing our partnership with Wentworth provides us with an additional product to further define us as ‘the one-stop-shop in drive-thru equipment’ by providing all the necessary parts and pieces needed in an efficient drive thru operation,” says Doug Watson, Howard Company president and CEO.

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