The Howard Company Inc., a leader in menu board designs, will present its newest digital drive-thru system geared to the quick-serve market at the 2014 National Restaurant Show being held in Chicago May 17–21.  Responding to industry demand to bring digital to the drive thru, Howard sought out the most reliable system able to meet the stringent requirements of an outdoor board: weatherproof, easy to read in all light sources, and cost effective. The new digital drive thru meets those requirements and offers flexibility, quality, maintenance-free design, and easy-to-update menu content.

The Howard digital drive thru offers a combination of display design options: one, two, or three digital panels, or combine digital with more traditional graphic/strip panels in a hybrid board. Because of the thin profile, the digital screens fit easily in Howard’s Drive-Thru Choice array of light box options. Screens operate independently of each other, making installation easy and ensuring removal of one screen in a multiple screen system will not interrupt the other screens. The patented Fully Sealed Dynamic Thermal Transfer System guarantees internal components will be kept safely warm in severe cold and properly cooled in extreme heat along with reducing electricity costs. Digital panel construction features no vents or filters, keeping moisture or dust from compromising the systems. Ambient light sensors assure the information displayed is visible regardless of the time of day or weather.

Because of the digital panel’s ability to withstand weather extremes without additional bulky fans, built-in heaters or air conditioning units found in other drive thru boards, these digital panels have received the highest IP 68 and NEMA 6 environmental protection ratings. Not having to power additional heating or cooling systems to keep the LCD display bright reduces energy costs by up to 70 percent. Its full 1080p HD screen offers clear viewing of menu content.  The ultra-thin quarter-inch bezel displays content all the way to the edge of the screen. Using the Howard Company’s ShowQuest content management software, menu content can be updated in a matter of minutes versus days or weeks for static graphics.

“With both indoor and outdoor digital systems available from the Howard Company, restaurants are now able to take full advantage of quickly changing menu content locally or globally in a matter of minutes,” says Doug Watson, Howard Company president and CEO.

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