HTeaO, the leading iced tea franchise in the United States, announced its expansion into two new states (Louisiana and Missouri) and a new market within Florida (Tallahassee). With additional stores opened in existing markets, Texas and New Mexico, HTeaO opened a total of 16 new stores in Q2 2024. This significant growth is part of HTeaO’s strategic plan to extend its footprint and bring its beloved ultra-premium tea offerings to communities nationwide.

“Expanding into two new states represents a significant leap towards our goal of nationwide recognition,” said HTeaO Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Justin Howe. “We are excited to continue to see how HTeaO resonates with new communities, showcasing the scalability and widespread appeal of our product, thus solidifying our position as a leader in the beverage industry and marks an exciting chapter in our growth and innovation journey.”

The complete list of new HTeaO Stores includes: 

  • Eagle Pass, TX
  • Gruene, TX
  • Stephenville, TX 
  • Lubbock, TX (98th & Slide)
  • El Paso, TX 
  • Lockhart, TX 
  • Fort Worth, TX (N. Tarrant Pkwy)
  • Tallahassee, FL
  • Mount Pleasant, TX
  • Lafayette, LA 
  • San Antonio, TX (Potranco)
  • Snyder, TX
  • Universal City, TX
  • Las Cruces, NM
  • Raymore, MO
  • Dalhart, TX

Since its inception in 2009, HTeaO has captivated consumers across Texas, Florida, Kansas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, emerging as one of the nation’s fastest-growing retail brands. Now, with 23 locations opened this year alone, and 40 set to open by year-end HTeaO continues to accelerate its expansion, meeting increasing customer demand across the country.

HTeaO franchisees, often local community driven members, play a crucial role in this success. Their deep understanding of their communities fosters a strong sense of connection and local pride. Their dedication not only creates a welcoming atmosphere, but also ensures that their location reflects the unique character of its neighborhood. 

Growth at HTeaO isn’t just reflected in its expanding number of locations; it’s also evident in the brand’s commitment to innovation and strategic partnerships. In spring 2024, the brand launched a new line of tea-based energy shots, broadening its range of products and offering customers more variety. Additionally, this year the expanding iced tea franchise has collaborated with like-minded brands such as Cole Hauser’s Free Rein Coffee Company and the Professional Bull Riders (PBR), both of which share a deep connection to western culture and a strong commitment to community values, much like HTeaO. 

HTeaO offers a range of ultra-premium tea, water, and coffee products and caters to customers both in-store and through convenient drive-thru services. Each location boasts 20+ meticulously crafted flavors of sweetened and unsweetened tea, made using a proprietary water filtration system and 100% natural ingredients. 

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