As the race continues in the ongoing chicken sandwich wars, America’s greatest tasting, rapidly expanding chicken tenders restaurant Huey Magoo’s is declaring “No Contest” and going on the record as the superior chicken tenders brand and the “Filet Mignon Of Chicken.”  Using only real tenders made from the tenderloin, the best 3% of the chicken, in all their fresh and delicious tender meals, salads sandwiches and wraps, Huey Magoo’s is rightfully asserting this claim, and here’s how:

The “filet mignon” is defined as the cut of meat taken from the smaller end of the tenderloin.  Commonly referred to in the beef industry, it mostly certainly applies to chicken as well.  Huey Magoo’s uses only the two tenderloins in the chicken in all their menu items, and each tender is always made all natural, with no antibiotics ever, no hormones, no steroids and no preservatives.  It’s the best (“filet mignon”) of the chicken.

“There is an instant and automatic association that the filet mignon is the best cut of meat you can get,” says Huey Magoo’s President & CEO Andy Howard.   “Since day one, Huey Magoo’s has always been using the best, the tenderloin, of the chicken in all of our popular tender meals and menu items.  Now, we are excited to go on the record that Huey Magoo’s serves the best – the ‘filet mignon’ – of the chicken, so there’s really no contest in the chicken sandwich wars, and Huey Magoo’s reigns supreme.  As we continue to experience massive growth in our brand across the country – recently celebrating our milestone 20th restaurant opening and over 200 franchises sold nationwide – we look forward to more and more guests enjoying Huey Magoo’s and experiencing for themselves that we are the filet mignon of chicken and chicken sandwiches.”

Huey Magoo’s restaurants offer safe dine-in/out, take out, delivery through third-party delivery services, drive-thru and curbside pickup at participating restaurants.  (Check for updates on all restaurants’ dining room openings).  All guests will enjoy Huey Magoo’s signature grilled, hand-breaded or “sauced” premium chicken tenders, farm fresh salads, sandwiches and wraps. Each Huey Magoo’s tender is always made all natural, with no antibiotics ever, no hormones, no steroids and no preservatives.   

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