Industry News | November 29, 2011

HuHot Mongolian Grill Unveils 2012 Expansion Plans

With Asian restaurant concepts popping up across the United States, HuHot Mongolian Grill continues to stay focused – and that means growth. During HuHot’s most recent planning session, the new restaurant count anticipated for 2012 landed in the double digits.

Next year’s growth will include the conquering of North Carolina by Mike Treadwell, of Treadwell Enterprises, one of HuHot’s newest franchisees. Treadwell plans to open his first North Carolina HuHot in Greenville this spring, and hopes for new HuHot openings quarterly in 2012.

Additional expansion for next year is in the works for in Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Utah.

“Not only are new franchisees joining the system, our existing franchisees are opening additional restaurants as well,” CEO Andy Va says. “It is great to see satisfied franchisees excited to grow with the company.”

HuHot is finishing off the last quarter of 2011 with restaurant openings in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Bismarck, North Dakota, as well as a second location in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

HuHot plans to have more than 50 restaurants open by the end of 2012, which is a 25 percent increase from 2011.


Several of us from Joplin Family Worship Center in Joplin Missouri travel to Springfield - sometimes twice a month after church to have lunch at HuHots. I can guarentee if there was a HuHot's in Joplin that we would frequent it several times a month - we love HuHots!

Dear HuHot: I know I write alot asking you to come to California, and truly for selfish reasons. But I'm not kidding you when I say that the San Gabriel Valley should be your next place for expansion. In fact, I'm so positive HuHot would be an amazing success that if I were a rich girl, I would franchize a HuHot to open here myself (alas, I am not therefore I will continue to beg you to come here this way).Yes, we do already have a Mongolian Grill here, Genghis Khan, a chain which is in malls. BUT!!! I have spoken to people so many people who only eat there because it is the ONLY major Mongolian Grill we have to chose from. With your fresh ingredients and mass array of combintions and sauces, not to mention deserts, you would kill them, knock them off the map and do us all a huge favor because they are not so good. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HuHot people, please come to California, I know you won't be dissapointed.Okay, so did I make my point. Do you understand how great it would be if you were here in the Valley for all these HuHot Hungry Folks. You've gotta do whatever testing it takes to see if a place would be a good market for your restraunt, I know you will see that there is a huge market right here for HuHot in our area.Looking forward to being your numero uno patron soon,Darci Lunney <3

If I had the capital I would love to open a HuHots in Europe, especially since I have been so loyal to your company despite a few short comings over the years.

When are you opening your new restaurant in Bismarck, ND? I hear it is close

I'm glad to see that you are planning on opening more stores in the Wisconsin area, And am hoping that you decide to open one or a few in "Northern Wisconsin" Rhinelander/Minocqua area would be great! (I know lots of people around the area here that would LOVE a HuHot and you would get LOTS of business from this area), but non-the-less, more openings in wisconsin is great! Thanks HuHot :)

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