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    HuHot Throws Another Sauce Option On Its Menu

  • Industry News October 1, 2010
    How does a Mongolian Grill with more than a vigintillion options make their selection even larger? Add a new sauce that’s only available for a limited time. HuHot Mongolian Grills will add Pillager’s Red Curry from October through the end of December in all of its 32 locations. This is the start to the Sauce of the Season program that will rotate in a seasonal sauce every three months.

    In addition to the dozen signature sauces already offered, Pillager’s Red Curry adds variety and a flavor profile that’s a little sweet with a spicy curry kick.

    “We’ve had a strong demand for this type of sauce,” says Andy Vap, CEO of HuHot Mongolian Grills LLC. “Fall is the perfect time to offer Pillager’s Red Curry and you’ll find each subsequent sauce has a taste that reflects the season.”

    At a concept where the customer builds the entrée, this is a way to add a new ingredient to the repertoire. It keeps the concept fresh with customers and perhaps drives in new customers if the sauce sounds appealing. With so many options at the food bars, HuHot developed a way to provide even more variety for our customers.

    The seasonal sauces will be announced at the start of each quarter.