DTT announced a partnership agreement with Arizona Pizza Management, a 20-location Hungry Howie’s franchisee based in Phoenix, Arizona. As the leading provider of digital surveillance and loss prevention for the restaurant industry, DTT has been selected as the company’s preferred vendor for loss prevention and video surveillance for all existing stores, including two locations currently under construction.

DTT’s relationship with Arizona Pizza Management was established in April 2015.  The group declined a pilot installation and instead made the decision to immediately install the DTT system in 17 stores and added another two shortly thereafter.  

“We originally selected DTT because of its all-in-one, enterprise-wide solution. Over the last few months, DTT’s SmartAudit tool has been most effective in monitoring unauthorized discounts and couponing, productivity of teenage employees, and ingredient usage on the production line. The audio feature enables managers to observe overall customer service through employee tone of voice and body language,” says Andy Goldstein, owner of Arizona Pizza Management. “We’re extremely happy with the level of service and support DTT provides. Arizona heat slows down business over the summer, so we were worried about the initial investment. But DTT has more than made up for it; a few weeks ago, DTT’s video footage helped police catch a burglar who broke in afterhours. The installation process was seamless and we love that DTT provides ongoing training for store managers and other high level team members,” he adds.

“Our relationship with Arizona Pizza Management developed very quickly,” says Tom Moran, EVP of sales and marketing for DTT. “DTT works hard to analyze each brand and provide a solution specifically suited to the customer’s particular needs. It has been so exciting to watch the process from initial installations to seeing incredible results over the last several months. We are eager to see how DTT will positively affect operations for this franchise over the coming years.”

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