HyperActive Technologies, the world’s leading technology company for the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry, announces its HyperView PE order confirmation display (OCD) using Power over Ethernet technology received certification from Retlif Testing Laboratories for operation in extreme temperature ranges and harsh climates.

Retlif is one of the world’s leading independent testing laboratories and is fully accredited to ISO-STD-17025. The firm maintains such listings as, “FCC recognized,” “VCCI listed,” and “EU CAB designated,” all to insure global acceptance of test data.
According to Retlif (Report Number R-14693), HyperView PE successfully complied with all specifications when subjected to extreme temperature testing, including:
– Operating from a -40F cold start (power “off”)
– All systems continued to be stable and operational over the temperature range of -40ºF to +185ºF after application of power
– Clear and undistorted display for all test images over the entire temperature range of -40 ºF to +185 ºF
HyperView PE supplies power, video, and data over a single CAT5e cable, saving operators money by reducing electrical installation costs and extending the lifetime of the OCD by eliminating common breakpoints in the unit. HyperView PE also features the industry’s lowest cost of ownership. 
HyperView PE represents another industry innovation from HyperActive Technologies that is rapidly reshaping the way restaurant brands improve the drive-thru experience for customers. 
“The leading quick-service restaurants in the country look to us because we continue to set the bar on technological solutions that improve operational excellence,” says Joe Porfeli, CEO, HyperActive Technologies. “Our rapid growth is a testament to the confidence brands and franchisees have in our commitment to helping them achieve higher throughput and enhanced profitability.”
In addition to its excellent extreme weather durability, HyperView PE’s bonded cover glass provides superior visual quality by dramatically increasing contrast in high ambient light situations. Bonding the cover glass to the LCD removes the internal reflections from the inside surface of the cover glass and the surface of the LCD. In addition, the cover glass is also chemically treated to reduce reflection, further enhancing visual quality during hours of direct sunlight.  This combination of extreme environmental durability and unmatched visual quality delivers best of breed solution for order confirmation displays.
HyperView PE’s technological advancements include:
– Power over Ethernet via a single CAT5e cable – further eliminating heat, extending unit life, and ultimately delivering the lowest cost of ownership on the market
– Reduction or elimination of electrical installation costs because there is no need to run 120v power to the OCD post
– Video and diagnostic information is also transmitted over the same cable
– Providing an advanced technology that has eluded many OCD manufacturers: the use of LED lighting, which minimizes output and heat
– Unit backlight rated at 100,000 hours of consistent performance
– Optically bonded cover glass provides superior visual quality – reducing glare and reflection to further enhance viewing during hours of direct sunlight
In addition to HyperView PE, which launched in 2012, HyperActive Technologies also recently deployed DriveTime Cloud, the industry’s most advanced drive-thru management system, which provides and stores data via cloud computing for less than half the price compared to other drive-thru technologies. The original HyperView OCD and the QTimer drive-thru management system round out the company’s technologies for QSRs.
The company’s products helped HyperActive Technologies mark a 57 percent growth in orders for the first quarter 2013 over first quarter 2012, primarily propelled by the rapid use of the HyperView PE OCD, and DriveTime Cloud drive-thru management system.
The DriveTime Cloud drive-thru management system is helping operators achieve success through a variety of technological benefits:
– Leverages computing power and data storage from the Internet (i.e., cloud computing technology), instead of relying on on-site CPU power
– Operators can access application software and data stored at remote locations
– Provides improved manageability and requires less hardware maintenance
– Gives IT managers at the QSR corporate or franchise level the ability to rapidly meet fluctuating drive-thru demand
– Provides both single store and enterprise-wide reports, making it the industry’s most affordable drive-thru management system
“By using HyperView PE and DriveTime Cloud, restaurateurs understand how our products can positively impact customer service, guest loyalty and profitability at the drive-thru window,” says Dan Villas, VP, sales, HyperActive Technologies. “With the Retlif announcement, operators that have already installed HyperView PE are getting further validation that their decision to do so was correct.”
According to Villas, HyperActive Technologies provides the industry’s leading five-year extended warranty with advanced exchange. If the need arises, parts and replacement products are available within a few days. Comprehensive product advancements are provided as part of an annual support and maintenance program, and equipment leasing and special financing options are also available.
“Our technology solutions are changing the face of the industry by giving brands and franchisees the tools they need to be successful in today’s market at an investment level that helps them achieve their goals,” says Porfeli.