Joe Porfeli, CEO, HyperActive Technologies—maker of the quick-service restaurant industry’s most reliable Order Confirmation Displays (OCD) and high-performance drive-thru management systems offering the market’s lowest total cost of ownership—is promoting Dan Villas to vice president, sales, to continue the company’s ascent as the leading provider of drive-thru solutions.

Villas previously served as vice president of business development, major accounts, at HyperActive Technologies since he joined the company in summer 2012. In his new role, he will oversee a group of salespeople and dealer relationships across the country.

“Dan has been instrumental in our rapid, successful growth in the last half of 2012, and he clearly understands the technological solutions we provide to our [quick-service] clients to help them achieve greater drive-thru throughput and profitability,” Porfeli says.

HyperActive Technologies provides the most affordable and reliable drive-thru management systems in the quick-service industry, delivering innovative OCDs, drive-thru management systems, and enterprise reporting software that provide the highest lifetime value to help operators increase throughput and decrease cost.

HyperActive Technologies is advancing the industry in ways other companies said could not be done, including the proven use of Power over Ethernet (PoE) for its HyperViewPE OCD, which makes use of a single CAT-5 cable for power supply and is ideal for use in rugged outdoor weather conditions.

The company’s revolutionary DriveTime Cloud is the only drive-thru system in the world that harnesses the benefits of cloud computing technology to monitor, collect, and report critical performance data.

“HyperViewPE is the most advanced and most reliable OCD on the market, delivering the highest lifetime value for operators,” Villas says. “Furthermore, HyperActive Technologies has eliminated the need for heaters or fans in the unit, further reducing the heat load on the OCD, mitigating operating temperature and further enhancing its performance.”

Porfeli says when it comes to OCD advancements, franchisees should make sure they are investing properly in a company and in its products that consistently deliver in harsh temperatures and rugged weather.

“The only units on the market that can perform in extreme conditions in both new construction and retrofitting are HyperView and the HyperViewPE,” he says.

Porfeli notes competitors have recently launched products that still fall short of the current HyperViews operating on the market today.

For example, both HyperView and HyperViewPE deliver an industry-leading 100,000 MTBF (Mean Time Before Failures). The HyperView’s backlight is rated L70 brightness at 75,000 hours, the industry’s highest performance.

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