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    Hypercom USA Changes Name to Equinox Payments

  • Industry News November 22, 2011

    Hypercom USA, a leading payment terminal manufacturer and secure software developer, today announced it has formally changed its corporate name to Equinox Payments, LLC. In addition to selling new Equinox terminals, software, and services, the company will continue to support Hypercom-branded products in the U.S.

    “Equinox payment terminals sit at the intersection between the physical store and the virtual world of payment processing where our products achieve a balance between robust devices and secure applications,” Equinox President Clint Jones says. “The name Equinox embodies our strategic vision for the company: industry-leading hardware complemented with industry-leading software.”

    Equinox manufactures, sells, and supports all payment terminals and peripherals previously offered in the United States by Hypercom, including the T4200 countertop, M4200 mobile, and L5000 customer-activated product families, as well as all software, terminal management systems, and other services related to these products.

    Equinox also offers the L4200 and L5000 payment terminal series to U.S.-based large retail customers for certain international applications.

    “With the recent proliferation of alternative payments, we are experiencing increased demand to load, host, and manage third-party applications on our devices,” says Will Rossiter, vice president of sales and marketing. “Our EMV and contactless products, such as the L5300 and L5200 customer-activated devices, act as a platform to support merchant and customer-facing applications, such as digital wallets and other near-field communication offerings—all with an emphasis on security.”

    Former Hypercom USA product names will remain unchanged, but will be branded Equinox or co-branded Equinox and Hypercom. Equinox will maintain the Hypercom USA brand for an extended period of time to reinforce Equinox’s continued support of Hypercom-branded products and services in the U.S.

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