Cold Stone Creamery is celebrating 2010 with ten new ice cream flavors.

The ten new flavors exhibit the gold standard of ice cream and have been appropriately name the Gold Cone collection; each flavor will be featured for a limited time in locations nationwide.

The first Gold Cone flavor, in stores starting April 7, is the OREO Creme Filling ice cream. This velvety texture precisely replicates the cream filling in the nostalgic cookies yet with a frozen twist. Next in the line up of Gold Cone flavors and available throughout the month of May is Strawberry Cheesecake, combining the tanginess of strawberry and the creaminess of cheesecake.

In June, an ultra rich, chocolate ice cream combined with peanut butter will be introduced as Cold Stone Creamery’s first ever Chocolate Peanut Butter.

“It has been an important part of my job to develop new and exciting flavors for Cold Stone Creamery and this year our dedication to innovation is being highlighted through the Gold Cone collection,” says Ray Karam, Cold Stone Creamery Tastemaster.

“By capturing the recognizable tastes and essence of everyday treats like Oreo cookies and Strawberry Cheesecake, Cold Stone continues to transform the ice cream industry.”

Each Gold Cone flavor will be accompanied by a Cold Stone original Creation, and in some case a cupcake, ice cream cake, pie, shake and/or smoothie. Cold Stone’s OREO Creme Filling flavor is also featured as a cookie sandwich, named Double Stuf OREO after the classic Oreo cookies.

These ice cream cookie sandwiches will be available in all stores nationwide as a four pack at a limited time price of $8.99 now through June 30.

Following these three flavors, the Gold Cone collection will continue throughout 2010 with seven yet-to-be-announced flavors.

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