i3 International Inc., a pioneer in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and data analytics technology, announces the approval of a groundbreaking patent, solidifying our commitment to enhancing service and optimizing labor across all retail environments. 

This revolutionary patent seamlessly integrates existing hardware with i3’s disruptive AI  software, marking a new era in service delivery for retail environments. Powered by our AI driven customer tracking algorithm, businesses can now measure real-time customer  engagement and operational insights, ushering in unparalleled efficiency. 

Leveraging advanced neural network technology, our AI dynamically tracks customer  movements, providing invaluable analytics on wait times and queue lengths throughout  the entire retail space. The system’s key features include easy implementation, use of  existing infrastructure, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to measure previously un trackable metrics. 

Additionally, i3 International holds other key patents that enhance this system’s  capabilities: 

• Template-Based Information Extraction System for POS (Point of Sale), IoT (Internet  of Things), and other devices: This technology extracts and parses data from various  devices, allowing integration with video surveillance systems. It utilizes universal  template parsing technology to handle data from multiple device models, ensuring  comprehensive data collection and analysis. 

• Text Overlay Technology for Video Surveillance: This innovation overlays transaction  data onto video feeds, enabling real-time monitoring and verification of sales  activities. Linking POS transactions with corresponding video footage enhances  security and operational oversight. 

• Camera-to-Camera People Tracking: Our advanced technology seamlessly tracks  the movement of individuals throughout various areas of an establishment. It  accurately reports both foot and vehicle traffic, providing detailed insights into the movement of that traffic. This system improves operational insights, reduces  searches, and enhances reporting. 

“This patent represents a quantum leap forward in retail service optimization,” says Jack  Hoang, inventor, and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of i3 International Inc. “With our unique  technology, retailers can now easily harness the power of AI to enhance customer  experiences, streamline operations, and drive bottom-line results like never before. Our  goal has always been to use technology to encourage behaviors that directly drive revenue  for organizations.” 

i3 International Inc. continues to lead the charge in transforming the retail landscape,  empowering businesses with innovative solutions to thrive in an ever-evolving market.