Cold Stone Creamery’s Tastemaster, Ray Karam, has created a new form of ice cream, JELL-O® pudding ice cream. Developed through rigorous testing and tasting, this line of entirely new ice cream flavors has been achieved to not only taste like pudding, but also mimic the characteristics and texture that is recognized as JELL-O pudding yet in a frozen form.

The most interesting and surprising feature of this new ice cream is that it does not melt. When left at room temperature this ice cream actually turns into pudding now that’s ice cream innovation.

The idea of combining Cold Stone Creamery’s signature ice cream mix with beloved JELL-O pudding flavors might seem simple, but a completely new treat has emerged.

The JELL-O pudding ice cream flavors will be offered at all Cold Stone locations nationwide for a limited time, from June 3 to July 28, 2009. All stores will carry butterscotch and chocolate flavors while vanilla and banana pudding flavors will be optional.

“It was my goal this year to develop not only a new great flavor but to also change the actual texture of ice cream. I experimented with dozens of ideas but it was the taste and texture of pudding I knew would really surprise ice cream aficionados, said Karam. “Pudding evokes nostalgic memories for a lot of people, as does ice cream, so this treat satisfies the taste buds and emotions.”

Two indulgent creations have been developed to complement the chocolate and butterscotch JELL-O pudding ice cream flavors:

· Butterscotch Velvet—Butterscotch JELL-O Pudding Ice Cream mixed with Butterfinger, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, and Caramel

· Chocolate-y Goodness™—Chocolate JELL-O Pudding Ice Cream mixed with Peanut Butter, Caramel, and Fudge

And if changing the texture of ice cream was not enough of a feat, several delicious recipes incorporating this new pudding ice cream have been posted at Recipes include suggestions for creating JELL-O pudding ice cream pops, sandwiches, and trifles.

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