Multi-unit IHOP owner and long-time DTT customer announces an enterprise-wide DTT system roll out. In addition to installing surveillance cameras and loss prevention services at all stores, VA-based Wilhelm Restaurant Group and SAKE Development will also be upgrading and adding cameras at existing locations.  

Franchisee Bo Wilhelm says, “Operations and loss prevention go hand in hand and are very important to my business. I needed great camera coverage as well as a loss prevention team that can monitor my POS terminals, dining room, and back door at critical times. The ability to watch product going in and out of my stores helps me better control waste and food costs. Also, one of the problems I was facing prior to DTT was that employees did not properly ring up food they prepared for themselves; now, the DTT team helps me to keep a close watch. Using the POS integration and SmartAudit reports I am able to review any item corrects, deletes, unauthorized discounts or other exceptions, which helps verify transaction accuracy and serves as a training tool. Overall, I trust DTT’s expertise and reliable technology for all my IHOP restaurants.”
“As one of the most recognizable names within the restaurant industry, DTT is extremely proud to be partnered with numerous IHOP franchise owners. The relationship we’ve built with the SAKE group in particular is a great example of how our solution impacts the business daily. We are confident in our technology and services as well as exceptional customer service, which cater specifically to their needs,” says Tom Moran, EVP of sales and marketing for DTT.