Ike’s Love & Sandwiches wants your next gathering to be as audacious and iconic as our sandwiches. Now it’s even easier to share Ike’s with your friends, co-workers, loose acquaintances, and anyone else you want to invite to your next party, spiritual awakening, or corporate meeting.  

“Be your own office hero with an order of the best sandwiches on the planet. They’ll still be thanking you tomorrow for not getting them another round of limp pizza or soggy chicken tenders.” says founder Ike Shehadeh.

For your hungry grads or hard-working dads – get $25 off when you order catering (over $150). For a limited time only.

Ike’s brand-new catering will include bundles with sandwiches, chips and cookies for extra hungry groups and trays with just sandwiches for the purists. Choose between three options:

Ike’s Best Sellers – There’s an Ike’s for everyone….meat lovers and vegetarians! Matt Cain, Barry B, Sometimes I’m A Vegetarian (veg), Reading Rainbow (veg), Paul Reuben, Menage á Trois. 

Meat Madness – Meat lovers unite! A tray of Matt Cain, Paul Reuben, Menage a Trois, Barry B, and Steph Curry sandwiches is perfect for all the meat lovers in your life. 

Veggie Lovers – Veggie lovers unite! A tray of our world-famous vegetarian sandwiches made with premium plant-based proteins. Sometimes I’m a Vegetarian, Meatless Mike, Fall’ing for Ike’s, and Reading Rainbow.

For groups on the go of 6 guests or more, Ike’s has new Sandwich Lunch Bags which can be individually customized from a menu of 10 options featuring a sandwich, chips and a cookie all bagged up with one of Ike’s favorite Caramel Apple or Blue Raspberry suckers.

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