California-based Impossible Foods doubled-down on its industry-leading plant-based beef portfolio with its boldest burger yet: Introducing the Impossible Indulgent Burger — a new, more premium version of the original Impossible Burger patty with a recipe that’s juicier, meatier and all-around more indulgent

The Impossible Indulgent Burger is a thick, flavor-forward burger for discerning burger-lovers – in fact, 82% of consumers say it tastes as good as or better than ground beef from cows. Each third-pound, restaurant-style patty packs maximum flavor and juiciness for the most decadent of dining occasions or backyard cookouts. And, it has less shrinkage than beef burgers from cows on the grill or stovetop, designed to satisfy gastronomes and grill masters alike and ready to be dressed with the most gourmet toppings. 

“Our burger put us on the map and it’s the core of our business. But we’ve heard from our fans they’d like something bigger and even juicier, so we of course said yes,” says Peter McGuinness, president and CEO of Impossible Foods. “Not only do we have our original beef products for versatile everyday cooking, but we launched Beef Lite earlier this year for more nutrition-conscious consumers who want an even leaner alternative to animal beef. Our Indulgent Burger is the perfect addition, giving consumers more options and ways to try and buy Impossible. Creating a more differentiated portfolio allows us to better meet consumers where they are.” 

Like all Impossible Burger products, Impossible Indulgent Burger Patties are excellent sources of protein and include 0 milligrams cholesterol. They also contain none of the animal hormones or animal antibiotics associated with animal meat, and are a better choice for the planet – amounting to a fraction of the land use, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. 

The Impossible Indulgent Burger joins the company’s growing roster of plant-based beef products, which includes Impossible Foods’ flagship ground beef product, Impossible Beef – the #1 best-selling plant-based beef product in the U.S. by dollar sales and volume across both retail and food service. In March 2023, the company also debuted Impossible Beef Lite as a leaner version of its core ground beef product with 75% less saturated fat as well as 45% less total fat than lean animal beef.

In addition to the new burger patties, Impossible Foods is betting big on this year’s summer grilling season with the launch of a major brand advertising effort, including two new campaigns. Created under the leadership of Impossible’s new Chief Marketing & Creative Officer, Leslie Sims, the ads aim to introduce consumers across the country to the plant-based meat category and educate them about the benefits of Impossible’s brand and products. The seasonal marketing program employs lighthearted humor and entertainment to transcend the brand’s fervent fan base and welcome more flexitarian and meat-eating consumers to try Impossible. 


Burger-lovers on both coasts can satisfy their cravings for an Impossible Indulgent Burger at cult favorite burger purveyors Bareburger (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Ohio) and Monty’s Good Burger (Los Angeles, California), with more restaurants to follow this summer. 

Select retailers will also begin carrying the Impossible Indulgent Burger Patties this summer, with wider nationwide availability to follow. Consumers can visit the locator map on the Impossible Foods website to find a store near them. 

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