Impossible Foods is experiencing unprecedented demand for Impossible Sausage Made From Plants, the company’s first all-new product since the 2016 debut of Impossible Burger.

The food tech startup launched Impossible Sausage in January. Within six months, the savory patties have become available at more than 20,000 locations throughout the United States. To see the full list of locations, please check our locator map.

Impossible Sausage debuted Monday at 30 of America’s top diners as ranked by Yelp—proof that Impossible Foods’ plant-based meat satisfies the most discerning comfort-food aficionados and brunchers. And starting Monday, all restaurants nationwide can order Impossible Sausage.

“We launched Impossible Burger in 2016 at America’s best restaurants, when consumers were just starting to get a taste for Impossible products and few realized that plant-based meat could outperform animal analogues in taste, nutrition and convenience,” says Impossible Foods’ Founder and CEO Dr. Patrick O. Brown. “By the end of 2016, we had expanded to a grand total of four restaurants. By contrast, Impossible Sausage went from zero to 20,000 restaurants in the first half of 2020 alone — a clear bellwether for growth and a warning to incumbent meat producers.”

Impossible Sausage is a pre-seasoned, pre-cooked savory patty from Impossible Foods, Inc. Magazine’s company of the year and one of Time Magazine’s 50 Genius companies. Winner of the 2020 Food and Beverage Award, Impossible Sausage is a versatile item for drive-through, pickup or dine-in service, Impossible Sausage outperforms conventional sausage from pigs for nutrition and sustainability.

Compared to the leading brand of pork sausage, Impossible Sausage has the same amount of protein, 60 percent more iron, 45 percent fewer calories, 60 percent less total fat, 50 percent less saturated fat and 0 mg cholesterol. Impossible Sausage has none of the negative effects of the animal analogue, and it has no antibiotics or slaughterhouse contaminants.

The convenient 1.6-ounce patties are pre-seasoned with traditional breakfast seasoning and arrive fully cooked in 10-pound boxes (100 patties). The juicy, savory plant-based patties that pair perfectly with traditional breakfast accompaniments and steal the show as a center-of-the-plate delicacy.

Starting Monday, Impossible Foods is expanding sales of its award-winning sausage widely to all restaurants nationwide. America’s largest food distributors and redistributors, including DOT, Sysco, US Foods and others, now carry Impossible Sausage at warehouses throughout the United States.

“Plant-based meat has experienced a significant rise in consumer interest on Yelp as we’ve seen a 140 percent increase in review mentions of ‘plant based’ over the past two years,” says Yelp trend expert, Tara Lewis. “In fact, Impossible Burger was one of Yelp’s biggest food trends in 2019, and we don’t see that slowing down anytime soon. Consumers are looking to make socially conscious decisions when it comes to dining out and, with our curated list of top diners, they’ll know just the place. We’re thrilled to highlight some of these incredible local spots.”

“The classic mainstreet diner is a cornerstone of American cuisine—and their hard-working owners would never settle for second best,” adds Impossible Foods’ President Dennis Woodside. “We want to work with independent restaurateurs and spread the word that America’s diners are open for business—whether for takeout or dine-in, for long-time loyal customers or for new fans specifically searching for Impossible Sausage.”

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