Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) today announced Dr. Rohini Anand, Senior Vice-President and Global Chief Diversity Officer at Sodexo, Loria Danage-Scott, Vice-President of ARAMARK, and Barbara Kane, Assistant Vice-President of Ecolab, as recipients of the 2009 WFF Trailblazer Award, WFF Leadership Award and WFF Volunteer of the Year Awards, respectively.

All three leaders will be formally announced and honored for their significant impact on the foodservice industry at the WFF Annual Leadership Development Conference March 15–18, 2009 in Dallas.

“Each of these women stand as true role models for our industry,” said Linda Pharr, WFF chair and interim president. “The awards recognize their accomplishments, contributions and continued support of elevating women leaders.”

Dr. Rohini Anand, Senior Vice-President and Global Chief Diversity Officer at Sodexo, will receive the 2009 WFF Trailblazer Award. Sponsored by General Mills, the award is a prestigious and high-profile accolade for individuals dedicated to improving the foodservice industry through their support of gender diversity, as well as creating and implementing new pathways for women at all levels within their company and the industry-at-large.

A leading expert on organizational change and diversity and inclusion, Dr. Anand’s domestic and international initiatives are outstanding examples of gender-diverse leadership in the global economy.

Loria Danage-Scott, Vice-President Strategic Partnerships of ARAMARK, will be honored with this year’s WFF Leadership Award. The award, sponsored by Ecolab, recognizes a woman in the foodservice industry who demonstrates exceptional leadership qualities within her company and the industry-at-large, and whose professional growth and achievements are recognized through career advancement.

Danage-Scott’s innovative and interactive strategic partner program has served the dual purpose of enabling diverse suppliers to be successful ARAMARK partners while raising their own standards of performance.

Barbara Kane, Assistant Vice-President of Ecolab, will be recognized as the 2009 WFF Volunteer of the Year. Sponsored by US Foodservice, the award recognizes a WFF volunteer who is highly active in the organization through committee work and general support of WFF. Kane has demonstrated consistent, above-and-beyond leadership efforts in support of WFF by enthusiastically and visibly contributing to the goals and overall success of the organization.

Kane has more than 20 years of experience in the foodservice and hospitality industry. In addition to her WFF volunteer efforts, she serves on the Board of Director of the American Society of Foodservice Administrators, the Society of Foodservice Management, and the American Dietician’s Association Foundation.