Infusion Coffee and Tea is putting the Arizona coffee world on the map becoming the first North American coffee roaster and shop to use the newest in technology, Italian espresso-maker Sanremo’s Café Racer.

The super java-making device was by created Patrick O’Malley, Infusion Coffee and Tea proprietor and Espresso Italia owner along with four other caffeine maestros from around world. Christened S.W.A.T. (Sanremo World Academy Team), their names are a who’s who of today’s jolting beverage: Sasa Sestic of Australia, Giacomo Vannelli of Italy, Ben Stephens of Australia, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood and Sang Ho Park from the U.K., and Los Angeles–based Eden-Marie Abramowicz.

Costing approximately $16,000 per machine, The Cafe Racer is a customizable mid-range espresso machine with exposed cartridges, sexy profile, and smaller footprint. Underneath the packaging, the instrument has energy-efficient boilers, a steamer, and group heads for servicing more coffee cups.

O’Malley is considered to be one of the world’s top caffeine maestros. He is the only U.S.-based individual and the world’s 43rd to obtain teaching certification for the exclusive Specialty Coffee Association of Europe.

In April 2015, O’Malley created Infusion Coffee and Tea, a boutique coffee house crafting espressos, ristrettos, cappuccinos, lattes, and unusual signature drinks. The beans are grown in four different continents, procured directly from the farmers and roasted in the ICT roastery. Currently, they are the only Arizona coffee house offering a variety of distinct single origin beans brewed with six different methods.  

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