National marketing agency InnoVision Marketing Group celebrates Filet Mignon Day with the success of its creative ad campaign, the Filet Mignon of Chicken for Huey Magoo’s Chicken Tenders.

InnoVision became the agency of record in 2017 for Huey Magoo’s when the brand had three locations in Orlando. The marketing has been wildly successful and has contributed to the astronomical success and growth of the franchise, leading it from three stores at the onset of the branding campaign to now 225 franchises contracted to be built in 10 states over the next five years.

The impactful ad campaign introducing the Filet Mignon of Chicken, first debuted in May touting the brand’s quality and telling the story of how Huey Magoo’s came to be the Filet Mignon of Chicken.

InnoVision positioned the Huey Magoo’s brand as the Filet Mignon of Chicken, along with the Filet Mignon of Chicken Sandwiches, which was a wide-open position in the fast-casual category. A claim held to be true, Filet Mignon is a term coined by the French to describe pork tenderloin, but can actually apply to the tenderloin of any animal. InnoVision’s strategy was to claim it for the brand in the chicken category, because Huey Magoo’s only uses the tenderloin, the best 3% of the chicken – in all of their offerings, from tender meals to wraps, sandwiches and salads.

The introduction of the concept debuted with digital commercials, social media posts and email marketing campaigns creating buzz around the new position. The commercial opens with: “Let’s talk chicken. Just like any other meat, there’s the best cut and then there’s everything else…”

“The Filet Mignon of Chicken campaign has incredible longevity and legs that can go on forever. We look forward to continuing effective and strategic executions of the campaign, and we feel confident that Huey Magoo’s chicken tenders will become one of the top fast casual brands in the nation in the not-so-distant future,” says Ric Militi, CEO/Executive Creative Director of InnoVision Marketing Group.

The campaign was an instant success and immediately catapulted the brand into the spotlight in the ever-popular chicken tender category. Since the campaign debuted, guests immediately began ordering the Filet Mignon Sandwich in stores. Focused on an inviting, customer-focused experience, the marketing has been tailored to meet all ages and generations, from boomer and Gen X fans to millennial and Gen Z guests – and the brand has become a fan favorite across the board.

Building on the concept, the agency has now debuted a new commercial in the series, “Smart Kid,” which features a duo of children ordering one of the most popular chicken sandwiches, “The Filet Mignon Sandwich” at Huey Magoo’s, an ideal that has quickly become a reality in many of the franchise’s locations. This latest commercial was concepted by Giselle Campos, Sr. Vice President/Sr. Creative Director of InnoVision Marketing Group and written by Campos and Militi.

Offering a full suite of marketing capabilities completely in-house, InnoVision Marketing Group creates cutting-edge campaigns that resonate with people by combining old-school classic advertising philosophy with new school style, technologies, and trends. The result is unique, effective, and memorable advertising.

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