Insomnia Cookies’ CookieLab has created three new vegan cookies to welcome a whole new group of cookie-lovers into the Insomniac community. They are so good that even non-vegans will be shocked and delighted, and maybe even a couple converted. To celebrate World Vegan Day on November 1, Insomnia is launching their newest decadent treats as individual cookies or in 6-packs:

Vegan Chocolate Chunk: A very delicious, vegan version of our Classic Chocolate Chunk cookie. This treat warms your soul with generous amounts of rich, ooey-gooey (dairy-free) chocolate chunks.

Vegan Double Chocolate Chunk: Double the chocolate, double the delicious. A vegan spin on our Classic Double Chocolate cookie with the same levels of dark chocolate decadence and melty (dairy-free) chocolate chunks.

Vegan Birthday Cake: A vegan creation made from warm, delicious birthday wishes. Sweet vanilla and all of the sprinkles make this an extra special cookie for an extra special day.

Whether you’ve been following a vegan diet for years or you’re trying a vegan cookie for the first time, everyone in the Insomniac community can score a sweet deal in celebration of World Vegan Day. From November 1 – November 4, grab $6 vegan 6-packs with your choice of vegan cookies.

These new cookies will be permanent menu items at all Insomnia locations, for delivery, and nationwide shipping. Although the holidays may look different this year, that doesn’t mean celebrations have to stop. Insomnia Cookies will be there to deliver warm, mouth-watering treats, day and late-night, to help make your holiday snacking occasions memorable.

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