Inspire Brands has announced that Navin Sharma, who previously served as Senior Vice President of Insights and Customer Personalization for Inspire, has been promoted to Chief Commercial Services Officer. In this role, Sharma will continue to lead the development of Inspire’s insights, digital and demand generation functions, which include loyalty, personalization, media and a comprehensive data and analytics architecture.

“As Chief Commercial Services Officer, Navin Sharma is leading the development of Inspire’s comprehensive data & analytics architecture – the first of its kind in the restaurant industry. With an emphasis on creating tools that are real-time, granular and self-learning, this strategic platform is at the forefront of Inspire’s competitive advantage in the marketplace,” says Paul Brown, Chief Executive Officer of Inspire Brands. “In a rapidly changing restaurant industry, Navin and his team are equipping the Inspire family with insights, analytics and customer personalization capabilities that will drive competitive advantage and long-term growth for all our brands.”

In just under three years, the Inspire Commercial Services team has nearly quadrupled while building capabilities to benefit all facets of the business, from development and operations analytics to loyalty and one-to-one marketing. The Commercial Services team, led by Sharma, has designed each tool to be scalable, meaning capabilities and advantages have and will only increase with future additions to Inspire’s portfolio.

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