Intellihot, an innovative designer/manufacturer of built-environment systems that challenge traditional approaches for sustainability, introduces the Electron family of tankless heat pump water heaters, the first such technology designed and built for commercial applications.

Electron units include: the iE1, an integrated unit with a thermal battery that can be installed indoors or outdoors; and the iE6, a larger modular heat pump that installs outdoors and pairs with the iB3, a thermal battery that installs indoors.

Like all Intellihot water heaters, the Electron has the energy efficiency, water safety and on-demand performance of tankless water heaters. But what makes the Electron unique is its use of electric heat pump technology with CO2 as the refrigerant paired with a specially designed thermal battery. CO2 is environmentally friendly, with an extremely low Global Warming Potential of 1; it has superior heat transfer characteristics compared to synthetic refrigerants; it’s a naturally occurring substance and abundant in the atmosphere; and it’s safe because it’s non-flammable and non-toxic. The specially designed thermal battery stores heat energy and enables heating water on-demand without the need to store large quantities of potable water.

“Today we’re seeing the advent of technologies and policies that will help slow global warming, and heat pumps are one important part of the solution,” says Intellihot CEO Sri Deivasigamani. “We have reinvented the traditional heat pump water heater to combine the best of tankless water heaters, thermal energy storage, and grid connectivity. Our Electron series sets a new benchmark in performance, ease of installation, and water safety for the commercial industry.”

The Electron Series was made with the needs of contractors and engineers in mind and is well suited for high water pressure multistory buildings, even those with hard water scale. It’s connected to the grid to maximize off-peak electric usage (aided by self-learning) and offers 24/7 factory monitoring to ensure endless volumes of water up to 170°F. Multiple units can be wirelessly cascaded via Bluetooth and all can be made solar-ready with a quick upgrade. These units use efficient variable speed drives for the water pump and CO2 compressor and can be installed indoors or out.

Intellihot is accepting pre-orders now for the iE1, which will start shipping in May 2023. The larger units, iE6 and iB3, will start shipping in August.