NTN Buzztime Inc. launched its new Sports Network. The new network features four interactive games geared towards driving a younger demographic into Buzztime’s more than 4,000 bar and restaurant locations. Sports fans now have a new, social way to enjoy the 2009 football season and many of their favorite sporting events.

Fantasy Football leads the programming on Buzztime’s Sports Network. This game offers a fantasy football league and is aimed at avid game watchers and the more casual sports fan. Fantasy Football is based on professional football and will feature a weekly draft night. By allowing players to select a new team each week, Buzztime hopes to draw a more inclusive set of participants, who will ultimately visit their favorite Buzztime venue twice a week—once to make their selections and then again to watch the game.

The network launch also includes the start of a new game, Pick ‘Em, which lets users predict the outcome of all of the upcoming week’s football match-ups. Buzztime will rank Pick ‘Em players locally and nationally and highlight those that are the best game predictors.

Both Fantasy Football and Pick’Em will be a part of Buzztime’s Wednesday Night Football Promotion, which aims to drive mid-week business at its restaurant and bar locations. During September and October, those who try out the new games will be entered to win one of 500 weekly prizes.

Buzztime’s Sports Network also includes the continuation of two Buzztime programs: QB1, a game on which Buzztime built its company, and Sports Trivia, a general sports trivia game.

The new Sports Network will be offered to Buzztime’s over 4,000 bar and restaurants at no additional charge in the ongoing effort to help boost its partners’ business.