Interface Security Systems, a leading managed service provider delivering business security, managed network, UCaaS, and business intelligence solutions to distributed enterprises, today announced a new AI-based Anti-Loitering System designed to prevent intrusions before they happen. The system features an AI-based object detection system that can detect people or vehicles and trigger pre-recorded, scenario-specific voice messages to deter loitering.

Designed to tackle after-hours perimeter control challenges such as vagrancy, intrusion, and vandalism, the Anti-Loitering System can be customized by loss prevention teams to play different warning and notification messages depending on location and dwell time. The messages played can be calibrated to first inform or educate the person before issuing a warning. Up to four custom messages can be stored and updated based on the requirements of the enterprise.

“This system addresses the unique challenges of deterring individuals from loitering on company property after hours,” says Tom Hesterman, SVP of Products and Solutions. “Our anti-loitering system also discourages people from dumping items or “casing” the property, leaving no doubt that the security system is not only functional but very responsive and sophisticated. Simple motion control is prone to false triggers when used outside. By utilizing an intelligent IP camera that can detect people or vehicles, we eliminate false alarms and greatly enhance the effectiveness of the system.”

Video recordings associated with the autonomous Anti-Loitering System are stored locally on the camera or as part of a larger video system and can be reviewed by staff using a simple mobile interface. The system is highly customizable and can support additional automated actions such as triggering auxiliary lighting. Designed to operate as a standalone system, the Anti-Loitering System can also be integrated with an intrusion alarm system with remote monitoring or with our Virtual guard service to provide real-time remote operator intervention as part of a comprehensive security service.

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