On January 17, a consortium of 15 best in breed restaurant industry technology companies released The 2017 Restaurant Stack, a deeply researched compilation of the best tech solutions available for food and beverage professionals this year. The 2017 “Stack” focuses especially on technologies and strategies that are easy-to-use, affordable, and turn-key solutions to serious productivity and profitability challenges.

With restaurant closure rates high as ever, committed owners, chefs, managers, and investors alike are always on the lookout for innovative solutions to their most pressing problems. The Restaurant Stack covers a wide-range of important issues—from labor, inventory, waste, and financial management, to design, marketing, event planning—and provides readers with simple, actionable steps to dramatically improve performance in each area.

“For a long time, these types of tools were only available to big corporations with big budgets. But that’s not the case anymore. The tools you need are out there, they’re affordable, and they’re built for businesses like yours. It’s up to you to take advantage of them,” says Chad Halvorson, founder and CEO of When I Work.

Companies selected for inclusion in this year’s Stack include: BlueCart, Reserve, TouchBistro, Kabbage, Upserve, Mazars, Food Shift, FoodlogIQ, Streetsense, Social Tables, Nom, Wagepoint, RizePoint, When I Work, and Industry.co.

“Restaurateurs want one interconnected system, instead of many different platforms that each live independently from each other, so that they understand every step of their customers’ journeys,” says Greg Hong, co-founder and CEO of Reserve.

The 2017 Restaurant Stack can be downloaded upon request via BlueCart’s website. BlueCart CEO Konstantin Zvereff says, “We are making The Stack available not just because we’re included this year, but also because it does a great job filtering out all the noise surrounding restaurant industry apps and technologies, getting right to the heart of each problem, and providing simple, applicable solutions for busy restaurant professionals.”

Commissioned by BlueCart in late 2016, “The 2017 Restaurant Stack—Best Tech Solutions for Restaurants and Bars” is an online eBook and guide for restaurant professionals looking to increase productivity and profitability in their businesses.

BlueCart’s SaaS product launched in 2014 offering a free mobile platform to the restaurant and hospitality sector for the purposes of modernizing and improving the wholesale ordering process between buyers and suppliers. BlueCart is Venture Capital funded and has offices in Washington D.C., New York, and San Francisco with over 20,000 businesses on its platform.

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