Today cleanliness and sanitation are of critical importance – particularly in public settings like health facilities, long-term care facilities, and retail environments where contaminated items can pose a major health risk to anyone who encounters them. But cleaning and disinfecting those potentially contaminated items can be challenging, time-consuming and still ineffective, especially if they are not near a water source.

The Companion Cart Mobile Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting System by Stoelting, a division of The Vollrath Company, changes that by providing an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain mobile system.

Rather than bringing the items to a water source to clean, users can now bring the cleaning station with a fully usable sink to their contaminated items or areas. With two available options, the cart substantially reduces the time and effort needed to clean, sanitize or disinfect any contaminated items or areas.

“Cleanliness and hygiene are always a top priority in the food industry,” says Rich Koehl, vice president of Stoelting. “But during a pandemic like we are experiencing now, it takes on a whole other meaning to be able to thoroughly clean and disinfect all areas that might harbor the virus.”

The Companion Cart comes in two styles. The first cart features include a direct connection to a water supply with a 50-foot hose, a grey water tank, and an extendable drain board for extra counterspace. The second cart is fully self-contained with a battery powered water pump and a 15-gallon fresh-water tank and grey-water tank onboard. It also comes with a sanitizing wand (disinfecting wand sold separately) and solution. The sanitizing solution is hospital-grade and can meet FDA and NSF disinfecting certifications.