Island Fin Poké Co.’s global vision is now becoming a reality. The Hawaiian-inspired, fast-casual franchise has entered into a groundbreaking partnership with GNF Worldwide, the premier franchise consulting company renowned for its global expertise. With over 20 locations open and over 50 sold across the U.S., Island Fin Poké Co. is set to elevate its franchising endeavors through this strategic collaboration. 

Island Fin Poké Co. has earned its reputation through an unwavering commitment to excellence and an authentic passion for poké. The brand is renowned for its Hawaiian-style poké bowls, customized to satisfy every palate. Founded in 2017 by Mark Setterington, Island Fin Poké Co. quickly gained acclaim for its family-like values, dedication to fresh ingredients, bold flavors and consistent vibe across all locations. The brand began franchising soon after, marking the beginning of its journey toward becoming the world’s favorite poké restaurant, and is set to expand globally into new markets worldwide. 

Island Fin Poké Co. officially signed the Franchise Sales Agreement with GNF Worldwide, setting the stage for a transformative phase of expansion and growth. GNF Worldwide, a recognized leader in the franchising field, is known for guiding franchisors through the intricacies of expansion in the American market and beyond. 

“We’re absolutely thrilled to partner with GNF Worldwide because it’s more than just a collaboration; we’re significantly enhancing and elevating our brand, reaching new markets,” says Mark Setterington, CEO and founder of Island Fin Poké Co. “GNF’s global reach, reputation and commitment to integrity align perfectly with our vision for the future of becoming not only America’s favorite poké restaurant but also the world’s favorite poké restaurant.” 

The strategic alliance with GNF Worldwide brings forth a multitude of opportunities for Island Fin Poké Co., such as a refined sales organization. This partnership will empower the brand to extend its footprint globally, exploring new market segments and attracting new franchisees – which has always been the goal for Island Fin. The brand aspires to be the global leader in poké, as poké popularity is trending upward in the fast-casual category. 

Setterington emphasizes, “Our focus is on improving our model, enhancing the brand and ensuring the success of our franchisees. With GNF Worldwide by our side, we’re truly ready to navigate the evolving global franchise industry.” 

GNF Worldwide’s global presence, commitment to integrity and track record of working with industry giants are positioning Island Fin Poké Co. for true success. With a global presence, GNF Worldwide is established as the first and most relevant professional franchise expansion network.  This collaboration sets the stage for a new era, marked by a more sophisticated approach to franchise development, heightened brand appeal and the creation of a system that attracts franchisees of the highest caliber.  

 “We’re excited to join forces with Island Fin Poké Co. in their global expansion journey,” says Fernando López de Castilla, Founding Partner at GNF Worldwide. “Our commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with Island Fin’s dedication to providing a unique and high-quality dining experience. Together, we look forward to achieving new milestones and setting new standards in the fast-casual dining industry with Island Fin.” 

Island Fin Poké Co. is not just serving up bowls; they are serving up a global phenomenon, and with GNF Worldwide by their side, the partnership is set to be nothing short of extraordinary.

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