“Mango Paradise” kicks off Island Oasis’ new “Flavor-of-the-Month” beverage program, which launches next month. Island Oasis will offer the foodservice industry a featured beverage each month over the next year.

Twelve seasonally appropriate approaches have been assigned; among the new concoctions to be offered are “Peach-A-Boo” for October, the “North Pole” for December, and “Shamrock Shimmy” for March. Made from real fruit (the highest percentage of fruit content in the category), Island Oasis’ fruit purées and dairy-based frozen beverage mixes are all natural and contain no artificial colors or flavoring.

Island Oasis’ Flavor-of-the-Month program was developed to promote product versatility across all three of the company’s product lines: frozen drinks, smoothies, and Power Blendz–an all-natural product with pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements, vitamins, and protein powders targeted to the health and fitness industry. Though the featured themes are the same, each recipe is unique to the respective product line.

According to Barry Boehme, VP of marketing at Island Oasis, “While mixologists continue to attempt to spice up the cocktail category with exotic essences and hot new flavors like acai and goji, for the most part these flavor trends are short-lived and have relatively little or no lasting impact on consumer consumption behavior. Consumers continue to come back to the more popular, core flavors they love like strawberry, banana, raspberry, and mango. Flavor-of-the-Month is designed to keep these favorites fresh and exciting, and in turn, keep customers current with unique, fun flavor combinations,” Boehme says.

The Flavor-of-the-Month program consists of a featured product recipe, images, and point-of-sale materials such as posters and table tents.