Islands Restaurants and Beanstalk Data jointly announced a licensing and servicing agreement for the beach-inspired casual-dining restaurant company to utilize Beanstalk’s new CRM Marketing Master product. 

The CRM Marketing Master is a real-time software-as-a-service (SAAS) module that offers business-to-consumer companies like Islands a simple, unique, and effective way to aggregate all of their existing silos of customer data into a single location.  Many business-to-consumer companies typically have multiple silos for customer data: one for mobile app users, another for web, email, SMS subscribers, and social media. The CRM Marketing Master integrates with all these existing big data silos and merges the data into a lone view, eliminating cumbersome, inefficient and expensive duplication. The CRM Marketing Master also transforms new and incoming customer data into this single dashboard, ensuring marketers can maximize their efforts with each individual customer, segment, and campaign.

Renee Junge, vice president of marketing at Islands, was the first to spot the CRM Marketing Master’s potential in the casual-dining market. 

“We had limited segmentation, analytics, or foresight into transactional behavior,” Junge says. “With this, we will be able to provide customers with more personalized and relevant experiences; we can identify Islands’ heaviest or most engaged users and reward them. The product itself seems pretty easy to use and incredibly flexible, which is important, because what good is ‘big data’ if you can’t put it into action.” 

The deal also includes managed services for implementation, as well as assistance in creating campaigns and understanding the results.

“One of the best parts of Beanstalk is their customer service,” Junge says. “Even though they work with some heavy hitters in the QSR market, I realized pretty quickly I was getting individualized customer service…a strategic partner.” 

“We’re thrilled to be working with Renee and her team at Islands, they’re great people and their insights are helping us refine our product as much as our product is helping them,” says Beanstalk CEO, Scott Nowokunski. “The only thing we haven’t figured out yet is how to get the CRM Marketing Master to propose they open a location here in Charlotte. Their food is great.” 


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