It’s A Grind Coffee House has something for everyone with the introduction of its new springtime menu offerings, from exotic whole beans to indulgent blended drinks. This spring It’s A Grind has launched the new Vanilla Bean Dream Iced Blended and Over Ice drinks along with a rich and dreamy Vanilla Bean Latte. As the weather warms up, It’s A Grind is also shining the spotlight on its beloved Funky Monkey Iced Blended drink that combines the delicious flavors of chocolate, banana, and real peanut butter.

“Combining the boldness of It’s A Grind espresso with luxurious vanilla and creamy custard, our new seasonal beverages that range from intense vanilla flavors to warm, floral notes are a coffee lover’s dream,” says Sam Ferreira, president of It’s A Grind Coffee House. “While we love inventing craveable concoctions in our test kitchen, we’re also passionate about sourcing high quality beans from around the world that we know will excite our guests. Our hand-packed whole beans, now available in a variety of custom sizes, allow our discerning customers to choose their own adventure and discover new favorites.”

For a limited time, guests may enjoy the following It’s A Grind spring menu items:

  • New Vanilla Bean Dream Iced Blended: an icy blend of espresso, 2% milk, vanilla bean and vanilla custard flavors, topped with whipped cream and vanilla custard sauce.
  • New Vanilla Bean Dream Over Ice: a tasty drink handcrafted with espresso, 2% milk, vanilla bean and vanilla custard flavors, served over ice.
  • New Vanilla Bean Dream Latte: made with steamy whole milk, espresso, vanilla bean and vanilla custard flavors, topped with whipped cream and vanilla custard sauce.
  • Funky Monkey Iced Blended: An icy blend of espresso, 2% milk, creamy cocoa powder, banana flavor, real peanut butter and chocolate shavings. (Note: This beverage is a year-round favorite and always available to order.)

With a commitment to whole bean quality, It’s A Grind now offers their wide variety of 100 percent Arabica Whole Beans hand-packed in custom sizes making it easy for coffee lovers to find their perfect flavor, blend or single-origin beans. The company’s exciting lineup of aromatic whole beans are now available in 12 oz., one-pound and half-pound bags allowing fans to enjoy their favorite brews in the comfort of their own home.

Whole bean options include:


  • Colombia: full aroma, heavy body and good acidity with pleasing fruit tones balanced by a caramel-like sweetness and overall richness
  • Sumatra: a heavy aroma and extremely rich texture with flavor notes of dark chocolate
  • Kenya: a bright, complex coffee featuring overtones of berries and citrus fruits with a bold velvety finish
  • Brazilian Santos: a sweet, smooth and medium-bodied coffee with subtle cinnamon notes, light acidity and a creamy, mellow flavor
  • Ethiopian: a wonderful berry aroma leading to an intense fruity flavor
  • Comasagua El Tranquilo: a high quality, medium-bodied coffee with bright acidity and tasting notes of honey, caramel and a hint of hazelnut, accented with citrus and chocolate


  • Espresso Blend: sweet and mellow in the cup
  • French Roast: heavy-bodied, smoky and rich
  • Moka Java: a tantalizing blend of Ethiopian and Sumatra beans, boasting a complex aroma with a spicy flavor and syrupy body
  • Blend 49: a smooth and powerful Hawaiian blend
  • House Blend: a light and lively coffee perfect for serving anytime


  • Hawaiian Hazelnut: a rich, nutty flavored coffee featuring the essence of Hawaiian hazelnuts
  • Vanilla Nut: tantalizes taste buds with a hint of vanilla

It’s A Grind, a neighborhood destination serving premium signature coffees in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, sources 100 percent of its coffees directly from exotic locations across the globe, with every bean roasted in its Southern California headquarters which includes a test kitchen for ongoing R&D and a full roasting and processing facility managed by the company’s fulltime master roaster. Each location is independent and well-connected with an unpretentious, quirky personality that invites guests to come as they are and relax while enjoying world class coffee.

Available through June 2, the new Vanilla Bean Dream offerings will be featured on It’s A Grind’s menu alongside fan-favorite espresso beverages, iced blended coffee creations, cold brew, and freshly made breakfast sandwiches, and pastries.


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