Del Taco announced its Big Fat Crispy Chicken Taco, which features a crispy, golden chicken strip, lettuce, fresh tomatoes, grated cheddar cheese, and a zesty ancho chile sauce on warm flatbread. To give consumers variety, a tangy Ranch flavored sauce is also available. As part of its ongoing “2-for” promotion, Del Taco will feature two Big Fat Crispy Chicken tacos for $4.

“The real news with the Big Fat Crispy Chicken Taco is how we’ve combined flavor and value, in a way that’s unique to Del Taco,” says John Cappasola, vice president of marketing at Del Taco. “Long-time fans and new customers alike will find more flavor here than any boring sandwich from anywhere else, and this Big Fat Taco delivers a lot of food at a great price.”

Del Taco’s Facebook fans can download a coupon on the “Free Taco” tab for a free Big Fat Crispy Chicken Taco with any purchase. While there, customers can see the latest episode of Del Taco’s multi-platform advertising campaign: The Del Taco Super Special Show. The new episode titled “Gettin’ Crispy” features new vignettes such as the Taco Diaries, Del vs. Bell, and Sauce Packet Theater. Click here for more on the Super Special Show.

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